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Be perspicious. Be honourable.

PC Hardware

Sometimes I will do videos of random builds that I did for other people/ companies.
Or short write-ups of products that I find interesting!

My Fitness Guide

We need to move our butts more.
Build some strength, improve our mobility and cardio. Stronger joints, stronger body, and better mood!
I share my workouts and some I learnt from coaches & athletes.


Some nerd in IT for 2 decades.Likes PC stuff, fitness, some cool stuff, solo traveling, and coffee!Now fiddling with AI(mostly GenerativeAI) and picked up another language! (Thai)Created this to write more of my thoughts. Hopefully no one I know reads them. lol

Intel ARC A750 8GB GDDR6

Intel's ARC A750 8GB GDDR6. Rivals the RTX3060 at 30% cheaper!
This is a viable option if you don't mind sticking to newer games (ie. DX12).
Capitalise on Intel's Deep Link Technology also if you have an Intel 10th Gen and up processor(non-F/T).
Check it out!


**Update: I just added speech narration to the videoHere's a beginner workout guide for everyone(most) to use.
It's a good foundational set of workouts that you can learn to plan you own weekly schedule in come to come!
Power stuff!
Do take note it is for people who are generally active, not in fat-loss phase.
Got feedback from a small sample size of 10 people of varying fitness levels and interests. A few had no interest, the rest commented on the difficulty and presentation.
This is the final adjusted output.
Hope this will be useful to you.

What about me?

On a professional level:
Army was great but I didn't sign on.
Spent 3yrs in IT hardware retail.
7mths at an IT solutions firm doing onsite setups for CCTVs, and server maintenance.
15ys+ at an IT distribution firm. Started with product tech marketing & events management and proceeded(concurrently) to manage 3 brands, MSI, AMD, EKWB there.
Revamping this site with some blog articles soon.

Side Interests:
-Took up another language.
Able to read and write in Thai but slow in reading and need a lot more practice in communication.
-Learned some basic Python to avoid stumbling on backend installation stuff.
-Learning more on AI through courses.
-Videos getting easier to implement AI stuff as well.

Contact me if....

"If something is important enough, you should try. Even if the probable outcome is failure."
-Elon Musk
Hang tight! Enjoy the process! Train hard! It's a journey!
You can do it!
(Or)If you are looking for content output for your PC DIY products like mobo, gpu, rams for your dealers/reseller/SI etc to post as content....
Yep, over here.

Content Database

Did an ITX build with the
EK Nucleus CR240 Dark a couple of days back.
Pretty neat AIO and by far the best accessory packaging available.Check out the unboxing video!

I enrolled in a few fitness & nutrition courses from various Universities from Coursera.
Happy to share what I learned.
Finally, connected bits and pieces of fitness knowledge I had over the years.

Finally, pulled the trigger and picked up this Type-C Multi-USB hub w/M.2 storage enclosure over the Black Friday weekend.10mbps is sufficient for storing data and even working on it.

Finally tried my hands at full generative AI video creation.
I must say, it's not as easy as the tutorials we see online if we do not have some of the paid resources..

Cover your rear.
Remove your warranty sticker properly when setting up your CLC.
Retain it's warranty validity for future RMA purposes.

A monstrosity of a PC casing.Large, weighty, stable.Fit full custom water-cooling and even has an EK distro-plate built for it!

Check out MSI @ Gamescom 2023!What an event.People queueing for over 90mins just to try Stalker 2.

MSI MAX Series are their new line of models for the Intel Z790 refreshed series for the 14th Gen processors!
Check 'em out on your next build!

Have fun with simple AI applications like Kaiber.ai.Make your clips more "interesting".lol.

Mask your PC as a Branded build with mainboard stickers.For the LOLs as well.
Pretty funny.

Use AI to spice up your product marketing!There are close to 30,000 ai tools on the market!
There must be something for you!

Short on time to integrate ai into your video?Stable Diffusion is out of the question!Try Kaiber!

Trying my hands at using consolidated web images with no actual product and turning them into a product introduction video.

Check out this neat mini-PC from Asus!
Spots a Ryzen 7735HS APU.
Vesa mount included!

Integrating more loras into edits.
I need a faster comp!

How to update comfyUI when your version is outdated?

Use Ai renders to mask poor quality videos and improve the visual experience overall!It's available to everyone!

Putting stable diffusion to full use.
Integrate it into your videos!
Anyone can use it!

Created my own motivational video.
Integrated with AI edits.
Pretty dope I must say.

FPS matters in AI video production! Or is it?
Use the power of AI to enhance your video!

Let's train for high pull-ups using explosive pulls!Let's go!

Stable-Diffusion now runs on your AMD Ryzen APU notebook!
No BSOD or pytorch issues!
Slow but it works!

AI yourself!
Generate your own avatar from a picture of yourself.
Add speech to it and put everything together!

Use text-video generators to market and promote your products /services!
It may be simple but it's unique to your creativity!

Turn text, images, your imagination into videos too!
They can still be a little funky.
But models are being trained extensively and getting better by the day!

Time to turn your ideas into certain reality with Text-to-image A.I. generation! It’s fun and inspirational.
Like seriously exciting. :)

Text-to-image A.I. generation is fun! Turn your thoughts into visuals!
It's somewhat more exciting than playing trading card games but A.I. fatigue is really mentally draining.

Spice up your routines and do different workouts once in a while.
Confuse the body by forcing it to re-adapt and improve your focus and visualiation.

Built for a video production studio.
Utilising the Intel 13900KF.
Currently the best cost to performance heavy-duty processor on the market.

Friday! Rest day!
What do we do on rest days?
Drink and party?

Did a build for a colleague recently. Only managed to film parts of it. So converted to an unboxing of the Asus Prime B760M-A Wifi D4 mainboard.

The OG and always at the forefront of DIY PC water-cooling.
Whether you are planning a new loop or upgrading the existing one, EK is one of my top options.

With limited options and budget constrain as well as a lack of info on products then.
Eg.XMP 3.0 issues on B760, SA voltage limit, locked bclk, etc, the Z790 became the safest build option.

I spent 10 weeks documenting my workout routines.
Decided to compile an upper body workout guide for beginners.
Got feedback from friends of various interests/fitness background....

Asus Prime B760M-A Wifif D4

Joining in the madness of everyone just doing product unboxing and just regurgitating specs online.
I present to you another u****** unboxing video!
The Asus Prime B760M-A Wifi D4 MATX mainboard based on Intel soc1700 codenamed Rocketlake CPUs.
Check it out!

EKWB Classic RGB P240 Kit

EKWB made custom watercooling easy for the masses. They have full custom water-cooling kits packaged and ready for you to assemble(and re-assemble) on your new PC build(s).They removed all the complicated thinking for you. It's fully expandable with interchangeable options if you upgrade in future.Add a GPU block, change or add another radiator etc.

MSI Pro Z790-P Wifi

This build was for a colleague's friend who wanted to build an entry mid-ranged PC.At the time, there were no feasible VGA options. RTX4070Ti was the latest and everything else was priced absurdly high and the client didn't like Radeon.This was the final configuration.The product market then was abhorrent. Sellers had no interest in anything....

Rest Day!

Rest days just means, take it easy. Move some, expend some calories, do some warm-ups, stretch out and do some scapula pulls.(Pull-ups are fine if you are not sore.)Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Production Studio Build

This was a build for a video production studio.
They had been using Threadrippers for a while now.
Intel 13th gens are currently the best cost/performance CPUs.
So they went with Intel this round. (One set for a try first)
Took some clips of the mainboard, cpu and VGA while waiting for the other parts.
Pieced together an "unboxing" video. (lol)
Thanks for watching!

Change Up Your Workouts

Doing parallel bar dips for a change.
Add new/change workouts to your routine occasionally.
It helps with progression but more mostly, it prevents stagnation.
Doing different stuff once in a while forces your mind and body to re-focus.
This improves your "mind-muscle connection".
Video your movements and correct any mistakes.
This will improve your visualiation and on all levels of life.
Try it. :)

Visualise Your Fantasies!!

Turning your mental fantasy into visual reality is draining.
The mental fatigue is real BUT it's fun.
A.I. image generation is more exciting than opening trading card packs.
Let me tell you why:1)It's challenging. Forces you to think of creative ways to work around banned words.
In the end, It's quite straightforward but took me a while to understand. Think of it as basic maths.
And once you got that down, what's left is just to satisfy your "waifu" curiosity,
You can even complie them into a series!
2)You'll never know what you will get.
The time to reveal is always exciting. (Reminiscent of opening trading card packs.
For the down side, akin to getting "common" & "rare" cards in TCG games, you get mutilated limbs/finger/toes in the "AIG" game. (Although it can be re-rolled/prompted to something else)
(And yes, every character above has NSFW generations in the end. lol)Have a fun time learning and playing with these AI apps everyone!

Gorgeous Printouts with AI!!

Make your own portraits!
Make your own posters!
Design trading card art!
Create your own artwork and have them printed out on canvas!
Design your own character for your pictorial stories
Visualise your imagination!!
It's really that straightforward with A.I.image generation.
Upscale and have them printed out!
Sign up to multiple sites and use the free credits to trial.
What was once so difficult to visualise, the A.I./computer can now do it for you!
Just articulate it the way you want!
Have a fun time learning everyone!


Not just images, posters, wallpapers, stickers etc.
You can even turn them into videos.
Albeit short but with some effort, you can lengthen them too!
Above, I prompted an image and turned it into motion.
It's really up to your imagination!
And they are really simple and straightforward to use!
So much to learn but remember, AI cannot replace your health.
You still need to put in the effort to stay in shape.
Strong body, strong mind!
Have fun!

Custom Your Marketing Resources

Prompt your own product images and convert them to videos.
Then join multiple videos together!
They may be simple but it's unique to you!
No need to wait for your company's marketing department or anyone else!
It's all on you. Save time and speed up your work processes.
Especially useful if you are a product manager or sorts.
No need to spend hours on end doing up your product marketing deck! 30mins of AI, 30mins of putting it together and meet product launch timelines!
Fast and efficient!

Generate Your Own Avatar!

Do an image to image prompt of yourself, record your speech, then put everything together on a voice-speaking AI app!You can integrate into your own video. Again, it may be simple but you add some fun to it!
You may be a product expert but if you don't like to speak into a camera, use this instead!
Then fire away with your product knowledge!
Make the video more fun!
Have fun!

Ryzen APU Runs Stable-Diffusion

Now you can run stable-diffusion on your AMD ryzen notebook!Found a guide on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-FaViJKa1sDefault Eular w/30steps took about 4mins for a basic prompt image.
Seems to have a limit with too many prompts.(Maybe I was just out of resources.)
I was running 2 screens(4K + FHD), over 20tabs opened as well.
At least it works! lol
Have fun(slow) in the background!
(Don't complain it's free!)

Training Explosive Pull-Ups!

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)I've been training explosive pull-ups for 3 days a week for the past two and a half weeks.Slowly from high pull-ups, add swing, then a small kip at the bottom.Hopefully, I'll be able to get it higher with straightened elbows one day.
(Without injury of course.)
Keep training!
Don't give up!

Create Your Own AI Videos!

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)Now we know how to make our own ai-generated images.
Understanding how frames work in videos, you can just create your own ai video now.
Kind of tedious (Thought process and effort wise) but the output is pretty fantastic.
Integrating ai into your videos improves a not so great video into a visually pleasing one with just a simple clip.
Especially for low fps videos.
This is a 50 fps video.
Using my own computer to generate. More effort than paid subscriptions but you can re-roll many times.
Make sure you have decent specs.
(You don't really need high specs)
Keep training!
Don't give up!

Fitness Motivation Edit!

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)With the knowledge acquired,
I did a simple fitness motivational clip.
Integrating AI edits into the video.
Pretty happy with the outcome.
Now everyone can do it themselves!
Keep training!
Don't give up!

Edit Online Video Clips

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)Practice, practice, practice.
Anyone can get better at doing videos/content creation!
With the help of all these Ai tools which are accessible to everyone.
This means that you do not need a whole studio to visualise your imagination anymore.
Let's go!
Keep training!
Don't give up!

Intergrate AI Tech with Fitness

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)With a whole host of AI apps now,
we can easily mask poor video quality clips while enhancing the overall visual still!
It's available to everyone!
Get imaginative and visualise your thoughts!
Let's go!

How To Update ComfyUI

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
Once in a while, we will see the message "Version is outdated or something" when running our comfyUI.
And the downloaded zip file is still an old version.
Just install git if you haven't already done so previously.
Copy the comfyUI code then go into the command prompt of your comfyUI windows portable/comfyui folder;
Type git pull and paste the link and enter.
The update will be pulled from the server end.
Much simpler.

Demon Slayer + StreetFighter!

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)Trying out various loras and remixing them.
Demon Slayer from the anime with Akaza and Rengoku Lora.
Then I swapped to Ryu from StreetFighter.
Pretty good but lacking the "oomph, attack moment".We continue to learn.

Asus PN53 Mini-PC w/7735HS

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)Asus PN53 AMD Ryzen 7000 Mini-PC series:Comes with a 7735HS 8C/16T Rembrandt APU which runs 12CUs of the 680M RDNA2 graphics!Mini PCs are coming to the stage of replacing desktop computers if you do not need a dedicated graphics card.
The RDNA2 680M is sufficient for a lot of games too!
But it has USB4.0!
So, you can in fact connect an eGPU if you like.
The 40Gbps USB 4.0 bandwidth takes TB/USB typeC easily.
You can also bring it overseas if you need to be stationed out!
What's not to like?!

MSI Gaming X Slim Series

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
Saw this new series of graphic cards launched last week.
(Or maybe earlier, no one knows. There's no info online.)
Thought they looked pretty cool with all the huge arse cards nowadays.
3 slots cards(and under) are very much appreciated.
(Price wise another story though)
Re-purposed the images and Ai-ed the logos into dragons.
Put a quick video together for fun.
The images were taken @ 4k so I didn't upscale them.
But the spinning portion was originally that blur from the website.
(I don't know how to make it clearer)
It was fun.
Check it out!

Using Kaiber.ai for Speed

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)When you short on time or just need to get ai integrated quick into a clip, Kaiber is a good option.It's really fast, and gets the job done for the most part.Straight-forward and simple!

Make Marketing Ads Unique

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)You don't need to be an expert graphics designer to make your products come to life.
There are 30,000 AI tools on the market or you can just use stable diffusion.
Tech industries are selling a product made for it but not selling the product made for it.Kind of ironic.

Frankenstein A Branded Build

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)Did up a demo build for an event.
Used the Brand stickers to mask various logos to give it an all Brand built setup.
Pretty cool in a way. lol

Utilising Simple AI Apps

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)In a rush for time and can't use stable diffusion?
There are tons of AI apps out there.
Use them to make your clips more interesting/funny.
They are fast and straightforward to use!

MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk MAX Wifi

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)The Intel 14th Gen processors are in!
And so are the Z790 refreshed series!
Check out this MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk MAX Wifi model.
It comes equipped with the latest iteration specs like wifi-7, updated DP 1.4(8K).
Hopefully price is better too as mid-range boards are MSI's Achilles heel.

MSI @ Gamescom 2023-SG

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
Was part of the Gamescom event this year.
Extremely packed event.
MSI was at two booths.
SEGA and Stalker2.
They showcased both their professional and gaming notebooks at the SEGA booth and custom gaming rigs at the Stalker booth.
The waiting time for at the Stalker2 booth was at least 90mins+ just to get in to try the game.
Very successful event.

MSI MEG Prospect 700R

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
It's not for everyone.
But some people like things large and weighty....
It feels different when your PC build is so solid.
The MSI MEG Prospect 700R monstrous casing has a 4.3" touch panel and supports EKWB's Quantum Reflection² MEG Prospect 700R D-RGB distro-plate and the Quantum Surface series rads.
It makes the RTX 4090 look tiny. (For good or for bad, lol)

How to remove the
"Warranty Void" sticker

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
TDPs for PC components are increasing with every iteration change.
Custom water cooling(CLC) has become very common in the past 2-3 years.
Be smart with your CLC setup.
Remove your warranty sticker properly so as not to waste the warranty of the component it the event that you upgrade in the future or it breaks down and you need to re-assemble the stock cooler to send it back for RMA.

Produce Your Own AI Video

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
Decided to try my hands at producing my own full generative AI video.
Initially, I did not bother because I thought it looked really simple with as videos that I seen did mostly using stock images.
After meddling with some apps, I decided to do one from scratch.
And I soon realised it is pretty tedious.
It's amateur and sub-par because everyone whom I asked for opinion/feedback did not reply.
But I am pretty happy with the outcome myself.
Hopefully, it will improve with practice.

10-in-1 USB Hub w/M.2 Storage

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
Picked up this Type-C Multi-USB hub w/M.2 storage case over the Black Friday weekend.
Type C(10Gbps) x3 (1x 80W PD)
Type A x2 (5Gbps/10Gbps)
HDMI 4k60Hz,
3.5mm Audio jack
Accessories include:
30cm TB4 cable
1x 1mm Thermal pad
2x M.2 Silicon stopper
1x Bumper case
Compact & solid build.
Pretty neat enclosure!

Fitness Knowledge Sharing: 01

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)This was a light leg workout during my rest day.Was listening to the course lectures on fitness.Some quick info off my mind.Resistance/strength training is very important in combating sarcopenia/frailty as we age.
It's the simple notion of "Use it or lose it"
Do your best to retain muscle with increased protein consumption with the increase in training frequency.
(1.6g/kg of body weight)
Will gather all the info in the next few posts and make it more digestible to absorb.
I need to link all the info to make it make sense.
Keep training everyone!
Also, don't waste your rest days.

EK-Nucleus CR240 Dark AIO

(Press F5 if the video doesn't load)
I did a build a couple of days back.
Managed to record a few clips of the build.
Edited and put together a simple unboxing and assembly of the EKWB CR240 Dark AIO cooler into a Lian-Li A4-H2O set-up with an
MSI RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming X Slim.
(It wasn't exactly slim. Not sure why they called it "Slim". Anyway, I will do an unboxing vid for it too)
The cooler fitted in the casing just nice after removing the logo cover.Packaging wise, EK set the standard very high.
Neat and systematic to the point that you didn't need a manual.
(But please refer to the manual if you are unsure.)
Feel free to leave any comments.

Fitness Knowledge Sharing: 01

Recently, I enrolled in an online psychology introduction course.
It made me remember many past incidents.
I thought this might be an interesting read.
(Should anyone read it anyway)
This particular event happened when I was still in the army. Because it was an overseas training exercise, it's something that I vividly remember. Even thinking about it now gives me goosebumps.This was a company exercise, and we were preparing to cross the river. Initially, my team (section) was supposed to cross first and set up a forward firebase. However, with some last-minute changes, we were tasked to be the rear cover (close firebase).When my team made our way to the cover position, a cold shiver ran down my spine, and goosebumps covered my skin. "Deja vu! I dreamt of this scene before!" I whispered to myself. I kept quiet for a long while and then finally told my MG assistant that I dreamt of this scene a long time ago when we were in camp. Back then, I had no idea there was this overseas exercise.I told him that the guy who was supposed to pull us back, our platoon section 3 2IC, wasn't going to come. However, at that moment, I couldn't remember what happened next or who was going to pull us back.The current picked up mid way which slowed our crossing. As we watched them cross one after another, the wait felt like an eternity. I froze, suddenly thinking that my dream might come true. We were located quite far from the main body, so shouting might not even be an option as the river waters would easily mask my voice should it happen. Furthermore, my comms were all waterproofed and stored in my packs for the duration of the crossing.True enough, we saw the last section started crossing, which meant the section 2IC would be retrieving the line as he swam back. "Wtf, bloody hell!" I shouted in my mind as we were supposed to be crossing with them. I told my guys that we better get our stuff and make our way back, but I knew we were not going to make it back in time.Suddenly, my PC(platoon commander) came running. Deja vu! Again! I suddenly remembered this scene, but after going through the psychology course on Deja vu, I believe my mind might have pieced together this end part when it happened.Just to close the story, my Platoon commander told me he had a hunch that the section 2IC would forget to pull us back. So told our PS(Plt Sgt) to swap and cross first instead while he stayed back to be the last person to cross. And it happened.To this day, I still believe I dreamt of it before it happened. But the second part where my PC came instead might have been pieced in my mind after it occurred, as learnt told in the Deja vu lesson.
I always get these "familiarity" scenes.
The mind is fascinating.
Thanks for reading.